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Parenting can be incredibly hard. So let's do this together.

You deserve to feel relief, to receive professional, compassionate support, and to be guided in ways that help you understand and nurture yourself and your child. Join the online Calm and Connected Parenting Program, the practical and potentially life-changing online course for parents wanting less stress and overwhelm and more calm and confidence.

Right now...

  • you struggle to cope with your child's behaviour but feel out of your depth and don't know what to do.
  • you wish you didn't yell so much  but find yourself yelling before you can stop.
  • you wish you had better control of your own emotions because you know it doesn't help when you lose it.
  • you see happy parents and kids out and about and wonder why your family can't be like theirs. 
  • you are just going through the motions with little joy in your role as parent.
  • you want to be a mindful, peaceful parent but find yourself resorting to bribes, threats and punishments more often than you'd like.

This doesn't have to be your experience any longer

You imagined that as a parent...

  • you would feel loved up all the time, with your kids adoring you and you adoring much love. 
  • you would be resilient during harder times, and would guide your kids lovingly with words of wisdom that they soak in with admiration and appreciation. 
  • you would have all the energy to do all the things.
  • you would be a fun parent.
  • you would know what the heck you were doing.

Let's get real

We had no idea what we were in for. The chronic exhaustion, the sensory overload (no-one warned us that we might get 'touched out' or that the constant sounds of little people could overwhelm our nervous system). 

We had no idea how incompetent we could feel when in a stand off with a three-year-old. Or a nine-year-old.

It's only human to feel all your feelings. It's normal to have emotional responses to situations that arise. You're not a bad parent for losing your sh$t from time to time. That's part of the human experience. 

But I know from my years as a psychologist in private practice working with parents just like you, that there are steps you can take to show up for your kids and yourself in a more meaningful, connected way.

I have three young children and am an imperfect parent practicing what I preach every day. So please know that I am not guiding you from high up on a pedestal. I'm in the trenches with you, my friend. We're in it together.

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The CARE Framework

Catch a glimpse of the framework that I will take you through step-by-step over the months. No matter where you are in the process, if you are committed to understanding big feelings and challenging behaviour in a respectful, calm way then this membership will help.

How do I make this happen for you?


Please know that as this is a new program, it will take some time to evolve as I gain an understanding of what you need most.

Currently I plan for the first month or two to be a deep dive into understanding child behaviour. Short, regular videos will be provided.

In time there will be a membership portal that will gradually build up resources for you, and a Facebook community for support (it's already there waiting for you!).

In consultation with our Founding members we will decide on the most beneficial formats of the monthly deliverables. I'm thinking of a Learning Piece on a monthly topic, an interview with a relevant expert, a live Q&A to answer your questions, and a coffee chat (online breakout space) to connect with each other.

The last thing I want to do is overwhelm you with content, so everything will be meaningful, an essential part of the framework and respectful of your precious time.

Everything will be aimed at getting you from where you are now to being a calmer, connected and more confident parent. 


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