5 steps to reduce moments of overwhelm and anxiety when in isolation with your kids.

Download this free audio training so you can learn how to cope with the more difficult moments that isolation with your kids is bringing you.

This is for you if...

  • you're patience with your kids is wearing thin
  • You're not able to maintain your composure with your kids when stress peaks. 
  • you no longer want your overwhelm, anxiety or rage to run the show
  • you've had enough of the guilt or shame that you feel after you lose it at your kids.  
  • you're reaching breaking point trying to juggle remote learning, work form home, chasing toddlers and doing ALL the things.
  • you want someone to teach you exactly what to do to start soothing your body and mind when overwhelmed, anxious or mad, so you can be a calmer, more compassionate parent.